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The first yoga center to open on the beach in Hoi An, Naia's light, open studio invites students of all levels to practice by the water. Come here to move your body, deepen your breath, calm your mind, and enliven your whole being.

Naia Yoga: Best Yoga Center In Hoi An
Hoi An's Best Yoga Studio | Naia Yoga
a place to practice

Our studio was built with wide windows and folding doors to allow nature in and create a peaceful space for our yoga students and teachers. We have airconditioning for hot days, indoor and outdoor showers, and a full array of yoga props and mats to support your practice.

The Best Yoga Studio In Hoi An | Naia Yoga
our studio by the sea

Our studio faces the blue horizon of the East Sea and the Cham Islands. After class, treat yourself to wonderful swim in the water.

We offer discounted multi-class passes and unlimited monthly memberships for those who want to commit to wellness while in Hoi An.

Best Beach Yoga Studio In Hoi An | Naia Yoga

our teachers

We work together with certified Vietnamese and foreign yoga instructors to create uplifting yoga classes that are accessible for beginners as well as experienced yoga students. Get to know a few of our regular yoga teachers right here.


55 years ago, he began practicing yoga. Studying with teachers from Iyengar's school also in Poona, India and teaching for over 15 years across the USA, Taiwan, and Vietnam for over 15 years.

Naia Yoga | Naia Hoi An

Since 2008, Hang has been actively teaching yoga in Hanoi, where she collaborated with her husband Dan to provide yoga fitness classes at prestigious locations like Hanoi Intercontinental Hotel, Melia Hotel, and Zenith Yoga Center. Hang's commitment to her craft motivated her to pursue additional education and training, including 320 hours with 2 sessions during 40 days in 2015 in US.

Naia Yoga Studio - Naia Hoi An

Huong, the visionary behind Naia yoga + cafe, has a diverse yoga background. In 2017, she completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training course in Hanoi and subsequently relocated to Hoian. Seeking further growth, Huong journeyed to Poona, India in 2020 to participate in a 50-hour Iyengar Yoga program under the guidance of the Iyengar family.
In 2022, Huong immersed herself in Inside Yoga and Inside Flow, accumulating over 150 hours of training with founder Kim Young Ho and instructors from around the world. 

Naia Hoi An - Naia Yoga
Diwa - Naia Hoi An's Certified Yoga Instructor

Diwa is a self-love coach, children’s book author, and Kundalini Yoga instructor. Diwa has completed teacher training courses in Integral Vinyasa Yoga and KRI Level 1 and Level 2 Kundalini Yoga certification in Sri Lanka, and led retreats and yoga classes in the Maldives, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka. You can find her leading Kundalini Yoga classes and wellness workshops at Naia Yoga. 

Naia Hoi An - Naia Yoga Studio

With over 5 years of personal experience, including a transformative 200hr-TTC graduation from Sivananda Yoga Ashram in 2018, yoga has had a profound impact on Thuy’s life. It has not only provided physical benefits such as improved muscle tone and balance, but has also brought mindfulness and happiness. In her classes, you will learn mindful breathing and body movements, complemented by short meditations using Buddhist techniques like Anapanasati and Mettapanasati.

Naia Yoga | Naia Hoi An

Rosie is a certified yoga instructor with expertise in Aerial Yoga, Ashtanga, Therapy Yoga, and Mantras. She has completed extensive training, including Aerial Yoga Teacher's Training and a 325-hour Yoga Teacher's Training program. Rosie relocated to Hoi An in November 2023 and started teaching classes at the beautiful Naia Tan Thanh in early December 2023.

Naia Yoga Studio - Naia Hoi An

Phuoc, experienced yoga practitioner since 2013, teaching full-time with a workload of 15-18 classes per week. Certified Sivananda Yoga Teacher (500 hours) with additional training in gentle yoga (20 hours) and Yin yoga (21 hours). Passionate about Classical and Traditional Yoga, Phuoc aims to share its physical, mental, and spiritual benefits for comprehensive well-being. Join her on this transformative journey.

Naia Hoi An - Naia Yoga Studio

Upon completing a 200-hour Vinyasa Teacher Training Course in 2021, Jodie passionately began sharing her love for yoga with others, feeling a strong alignment with her purpose. In 2023, she furthered her knowledge and practice by immersing herself in the rich traditions of yoga in India. Jodie is now committed to sharing the transformative wisdom of yoga and guiding individuals on their path to holistic wellness with an open heart

Naia Hoi An - Naia Yoga Studio

class styles

At Naia we teach classical yoga traditions as well as contemporary yoga and movement. Whether you're in the mood for a dynamic practice, or gentle restoration; a fresh perspective, or a return to home base; we carry something for everyone in our yoga offerings. 

Naia Yoga: Hoi An's Best Yoga Center
sunrise flow
7:00 - 8:00

This class is specifically designed to help you awaken your body and mind, setting a refreshing and invigorating tone for the day ahead. The sequences and postures incorporated in this class are tailored to gently energize and prepare you for the morning.

midday flow
11:30 - 12:30

The idea of a class that will help you recharge and rejuvenate during the middle of the day. It implies an invigorating practice that will leave you feeling energized and ready to tackle the rest of their day

gentle flow
8:30 - 9:30

Our Gentle Flow class is crafted to provide a calm and soothing start to your day. The emphasis is on nurturing and nurturing your body while promoting a gentle awakening of your senses. This class focuses on slow, flowing movements and postures that promote relaxation and prepare you for the day ahead.

afternoon flow
16:00 - 17:00

This class is perfectly timed to revitalize your body and mind after a busy half-day. The sequences and postures in the Afternoon Flow class are specifically designed to refresh and re-energize you, helping to release tension and restore balance as you continue your day.

morning flow
10:00 - 11:00

The Morning Flow class offers a more dynamic and challenging experience. It combines intentional movements and asanas to invigorate your body and mind, providing an opportunity to build strength, flexibility, and focus as you embrace the day with increased energy.

sunset flow
17:30 - 18:30

Our Sunset Flow class is dedicated to promoting relaxation, restoration, and a sense of calm. It incorporates gentle and restorative postures, providing an opportunity for you to unwind, soothe your mind, and relax your body as you wind down for the day.

Naia Yoga: Best Yoga Center In Hoi An
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