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Huong: Founder of Naia Yoga + Cafe

meet our founder

Say hello to Hương, founder of Naia Yoga + Cafe and certified nutritionist and yoga instructor.


Originally from Hanoi, Hương worked for most of her life in the business world, running a fast-growing company and raising her three daughters. In 2016, Hương found herself in a state of stress, sickness, and overwhelm. Diagnosed with early stage cervical cancer and suffering from insomnia, her journey led her to Hoi An. Here she found herself at home in nature.


In 2018, Hương relocated to Hoi An with her three daughters and began a new way of being. She studied macrobiotic cooking, swum in the sea, and rebuilt her balance, strength, and energy daily through yoga, exercise, and mindful living.

a journey to wellness

In time Hương completely reversed her cancer diagnosis and transformed her health. Inspired to share her knowledge with others, Hương opened Xoai, a macrobiotic cafe and home yoga studio.

The idea to build Naia was born from a desire to bring wellness to more people in a bigger way. In June 2023 Hương opened Naia Yoga + Cafe on Tan Thanh Beach, coming full circle from the days when she healed herself on these shores. 

Today Hương's goal is to create a friendly, loving, caring atmosphere and a place where visitors can release tension, and find time and space just for themselves.  

About us: Meet the Founder of Naia Hoi An
About Us | Naia Hoi An

our approach


Address imbalances in the body and mind gently and naturally


Let go of tension and emotions that block the flow of energy

Our Approach | Naia Yoga + Cafe | Naia Hoi An


Nourish and support the body in its intuitive healing process

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