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embodying self-love

Purpose of the Retreat:
Our retreat offers a refuge from the demands of daily life, providing you with the space to reconnect with self-love, inner peace, and empowerment.
Take this opportunity to realign your mind, body, and spirit towards greater balance and fulfillment.

Benefits You Can Expect:
Engage in empowering yoga sessions and transformative wellness workshops to reconnect with yourself.
Find moments of serenity for self-reflection and personal growth in a supportive environment.
Discover tools and practices to nurture self-love, helping you overcome stress and life challenges.
Connect with a community of like-minded women on a shared journey of empowerment and exploration.

Retreat Highlights

Yoga: Enjoy daily calming sunrise and sunset Inside Flow yoga sessions.
Explore diverse classes that are refreshed weekly to help you center your mind and achieve balance."

Self-Love Workshops: Deepen your relationship and connection to self-love and learn transformative long-term tools to embody more confidence, authenticity, joy and love.

Mindfulness: Discover the joy in appreciating the present moment and feeling peaceful through mindful practices.

Nature Connection: Connect with nature through paddy field walks and beach yoga.

Nutrition: Learn about balanced eating and cooking alongside Yin-Yang principles for optimised health and balance

Creativity: Express yourself through art in playful and creative workshops.

Special Events: Experience unique and deeply transformational experiences like our Fullmoon Celebration and the Breath of Bliss workshop.

Personal Time: Relax and indulge in personal activities like cycling, sightseeing, exploring and massages.

These retreat highlights offer a relaxing and transformative experience focusing on well-being and self-discovery.

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Day 3

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Day 2

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Our Services

​My Location

Naia Yoga is nestled in a serene beachfront setting


Enjoy our delicious meals during your stay with us, with a diverse menu featuring daily vegan and seafood options.
Our meals are thoughtfully curated to provide a balanced, nutritious experience for all guests.
To accommodate any dietary restrictions or allergies, please inform our team in advance of any specific food preferances.
This will enable our dedicated staff to tailor your meals to ensure an enjoyable dining experience tailored to your needs.


My name is Alexa Young

Standard Package Price (shared room): $1200 per person
Early Booking Discount (10%):
Group Booking Discount (5% extra for groups of 2 or more):
Private Room Supplement: $150


Our Team.

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500 Terry Francine St. 

San Francisco, CA 94158


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