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muay thai

Welcome to our first Muay Thai studio at Tan Thanh Beach in Hoi An. Train with us by the ocean, where the waves and vibrant atmosphere create a great setting for Muay Thai enthusiasts of all levels. Experience the beauty of Hoi An's beaches while you practice Muay Thai, blending tradition with personal development.

Naia Yoga: Best Yoga Center In Hoi An

all levels of muay thai

We offer Muay Thai classes for everyone, whether you are new or experienced. Our skilled trainers will help you learn and progress in Muay Thai, from basics to advanced moves, in a supportive and empowering atmosphere

Naia Yoga: Best Yoga Center In Hoi An

our fighter

Meet Khoa, a passionate Muay Thai fighter from Hoi An with over 10 years of experience in martial arts. He has competed for both the Youth Team and The Ho Chi Minh team, and now, as a resident of Hoi An, he eagerly imparts his expertise to others, sharing how Muay Thai enhances mental strength, physical fitness, flexibility, and adaptive reflexes to tackle life's challenges.

"Muay Thai improved my strength, flexibility, and adaptability in life. I aim to pass on these benefits: building physical and mental strength, and staying calm in challenging situations."
Khoa, our fighter

muay thai lessons

our benefits

Muay Thai training involves punches, kicks, knees, elbows, defense, and clinch techniques for self-defense, fitness, competition, and cultural tradition

our promises

Muay Thai boosts health, builds strength, and confidence while offering self-defense skills and fostering community spirit

our progession

Our expert trainers guide you from basics to advanced techniques in a supportive environment for growth and empowerment

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